The City Hall of Antwerp is currently being renovated. We design the new carpets for the renovated City Hall in collaboration with textile designer Jente Hendrickx. The central stair case runner, a runner in the wedding hall, carpets in other spaces and meeting rooms.

In the richly decorated rooms of the City Hall we aim for a modest though present role for the carpets. A fresh and contemporary tone that becomes part of the symphony of materials and times.

The designs are guided by the properties of the materials we work with as well as the techniques of knotting. Listening to the materials out of which the carpets are put together, thread by thread.

The natural yarns and the knotting technique define the shine of the carpets, their height differences, roughness, depth and colour.

design team: Roos Cornelissen, Hinke Majoor, Jente Hendrickx
architects renovation: HUB architects, Origin architects