We were asked to design the new working area for a young start-up. And another fifteen unknown co-workers. With whom they would share the space.

A large open space in a new building with views at the old harbour of Ghent. Twenty freelancers would have to be able to work there, in one space. A place for working, meeting, eating together, relaxing together.

The open kitchen with a large table is the main meeting area. Eating together with lunch, cooking together once in a while. The kitchen is tiled with a small matte tile. The doors of the cabinets have the rich drawing of the birch wood. Next to the kitchen, the table, oiled in deep blue, with brass inlayed. Flowing through the space, places to eat with two, with five or with twenty people.

location: Ghent
programme: Co-working space
client: Dokwerkers
design team: Roos Cornelissen, Hinke Majoor
execution: roos & hinke
photograps: roos& hinke
shown in: De Architect