In our work we aim for a simple beauty.
To give the object, furniture or space a sense of timeless being.
The materials have a guiding role.
Their texture, their colour, their weight.
The way they wear and decay.
The way in which they accomodate life and movement.

Giving form by the act of joining.
A glazing, an oil, a rough surface.
The layers with which we work.


We try to work as much as possible with locally sourced materials.
The aim is clear, there is still a way to go, we want to know where our materials come from. We want to be able to take responsibility for the products we use, both in our daily lives as well as in our practice.

We aim for beauty that did not come at an unseen cost to someone or someplace.


We work both on comissioned as well as on autonomous projects.

The clients of our commissioned work include private individuals, companies and public services. The projects vary in scale and range from furniture, to interior, to buildings.

In our atelier we make the designs and prototypes. A big share of the projects are executed by ourselves. On all of our projects we work closely with the materials.